State-of-the-art web and software development

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded professionals with over twenty years of experience and a set of skills ranging from programming through interface design to HR recruitment.

What we do

  • Create software and high-tech websites
  • Recruit the development team, launch the project together and pass the team to our client
  • Provide network and information security

We have an individual approach to each client: helping you achieve your business goals is our top priority.

We focus on technical perfection and provide the best price-quality ratio possible. We achieve high quality and cost-effectiveness through efficient management, long-standing experience, a broad spectrum of skills and the ability to pick the right people.

Why us

Outstanding quality on the outside

We offer state-of-the-art design and performance.

Order on the inside

You will find our work well-structured with sensible architecture, programming style and optimization as well as automatic, manual and beta testing.

Reasonable budget and time frame

As a result of long years of practical experience, we offer you a pragmatic approach to development: we know how to pick profile specialists, we use frameworks and ready-made modules.

No hidden costs

We do not have a staff of PR specialists, marketing specialists or sales managers to promote us, so you pay for the work we do without hidden costs.